About Real Pet Food

At Real Pet Food we process same-day and next-day pet foods and have both fresh and frozen options which are all available in-store. Frozen products are available to purchase online from our Products Section, with delivery available within Christchurch.

We would like to thank our regular customers, some of which have been with us right from the start. We welcome new visitors to stop by our store, which is well setup with state-of-the-art freezers and refrigerators for optimum display. We stand by our dedication to quality assurance for our wide range of pet foods; which do not contain additives or preservatives.

We have an excellent team, general manager, truck driver, pet food preparers and friendly store staff who can assist you with all your pet food needs, including small or larger orders.
Key Team members hold current Registered Pet Food Operator Certificates.

Read our recent Article in the Selwyn Times for more information about our latest products.


Our Rolleston Store

Real Pet Food, based in Rolleston, is the brand new, much larger premises which we relocated to, from the Hoon Hay Shopping Centre. We welcome you to visit our new store to see a much wider range of products, as listed below. Products in store are available in smaller pack sizes, in a range of fresh and frozen options.

Wider Product Range Available In-Store

  • Dog Mix
  • Musterers Mix
  • Beef Steak
  • Beef Mince
  • Horse Mince
  • Horse Steak
  • Chicken Mince
  • Salmon Mix
  • Cat Mix
  • Supreme Mix
  • Beef Bones
  • Beef Tripe
  • Chicken Necks
  • Rabbit Mince

Our History

Real Pet Food is owned and managed by Bernie Hutton. Bernie knows from experience that there is a lot of truth in that adage that “those who work for themselves are often the hardest workers”. After working for 56 years straight (as-at Christmas 2017) we respect the work ethic that has built and maintained the trusted reputation of Real Pet Food.

In the early years, Bernie owned his own farm in Canterbury, eventually selling it to purchase a butchers shop in Kumara in 1973. After 5 years Bernie sold the butcher shop to purchase a farm in Springs Junction.

For the next 14 years Bernie was based in Springs Junction, farming beef and sheep, until deciding to sell up and move to Canterbury. The move to Christchurch saw the purchase of a Pet Food Shop based at the Hoon Hay Shopping Centre; “Real Pet Food T/A Hillmorton Pet Foods” which is what we still run today. From humble beginnings this small store has now tripled in size, and continues to serve a steady stream of loyal customers.

Customer Testimonial

"Since I started feeding my dog this fresh meat, it’s like I’ve got a different dog. I just have the one dog at the moment, a small-medium sized terrier, and I feed him a cupped handful of the Dog Mix every second day, and substitute that with a quality brand of dry biscuit. I also give him a raw bone once a week. I have seen the results that show it’s such a good diet because I can see the real fat in the meat itself, and looking at my dog he looks… bulked out a bit, more solid, with a much shinier coat.

It shows in the dogs energy too, he has a ton of sustained energy but he's less aggressive with it and just calmer. I believe that dogs need a bit of raw food to keep them going and the fresher the better. Years ago I fed my dogs supermarket brand pet food and the dogs had all kinds of skin problems. I don’t have any of those problems anymore."

- Ted, Rolleston.